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I have very dark, big brown eyes. What are the best eye shadow & eye liner colors?

Big eyes are beautiful! However, if you want to make them look smaller, darker colors make your features smaller; consequently, black eyeliner would make your eyes appear smaller.

Apply black or dark coloured kohl pencil to the inside rim of your lower eyelids. Keep the eyelids nude or use a natural colour eyeshadow (such as beige or subtle taupe) on the top eyelids only. Do not curl your eyelashes. Apply mascara to your top eyelashes only.

* Choosing the shade that suits you best *

It’s actually the colour and highlights of your hair rather than the colour of your eyes that will guide you through the colour range to find your perfect shades. A colour may appear softer or brighter, depending on how light or dark your complexion is. Products sheer in texture will reveal themselves only on a pale complexion; deeper skin tones require richer textures with shimmer.

The warm palette—champagne, peach, copper, warm green, or golden brown—suits women with golden blonde, strawberry blonde, red, or brown hair with golden undertones.

The cool palette—pink, violet, blue, turquoise, cool green, or brown—looks great with grey, ash blond, brown with burgundy undertones, or black hair.

The neutral colours—peach, grey, or neutral brown—are universal for every complexion and hair.

Highlighting a spot above the iris with a complimentary eyeshadow will enhance the iris colour. Burgundy accentuates green; golden brown is good for blue; soft peach or apple green for grey; and violet or light blue for brown eyes.

* Here are some techniques to emphasise, and correct your particular eye shape.

-Almond eyes-

This shape is what all eye shapes are corrected to be, and does not need any altering, this eye shape can use any technique.

-Protruding eyes-

I know that sounds horrible but its not that bad, some people’s eyes are a tiny bit forward from the skin below them. Dark matte colors are better to use for this eye shape, no sparkles or shimmers, and the best technique to use is ';Smokey'; or ';Yasmine'; eye.

-Down Turned eyes-

Slightly turned down at the outer sides and slightly wider apart. Mascara and fake lashes are useful with this eye shape, particularly make the outer lashes larger than the rest. Dark colours are best.

-Small eyes-

Look smaller than usual, so use highlighting colors, not dark because lighter colors will bring them out. Use a simple technique because there isn’t much room for extravagance. Curl lashes large and bring color out a little. Tidy brows to make more room for color.

-Hooded eyes-

Loss of elasticity in eyes, usually on aged skins, this eye shape needs matte colors, always blended well and medium to dark colors, ';Smokey'; or ';Yasmine'; eye is best for this eye shape.

-Round eyes-

Round and full in appearance, this eye needs to be brought out at the sides a little, extending the eye liner beyond the natural line of the eye to lengthen light to medium color on the lid and blend upwards and outwards. Make a small point of eyeliner on the inner corner as well to make the eyes appear longer.

-Deep Set eyes-

Smaller mobile lid compared to area below the brow. A light color needs to be used on the mobile lid to make it look larger and a deeper color on the socket line, blended upwards. ';Socket'; or ';Classic'; eye make up technique is best for this eye shape.

Best color for brown eyes - Blue and pastel colors.I have very dark, big brown eyes. What are the best eye shadow %26amp; eye liner colors?
natural colors ... eye liner dark brown or black... Green eyes shadow will work nicely too... Just experiment!I have very dark, big brown eyes. What are the best eye shadow %26amp; eye liner colors?
If you want to bring your eyes out...use black eye liner, and blue eyeshadows. If you just want a little color, but not necessarily show off your eyes, black or brown eyeliner and use light eyeshadows like brown or tan or that area anyway. .
Dude you and me are exactly like the same well i have the Cure So like you should have Black Liquid Eye Liner that is water proof Apply only to the top. Then go and get this oatmeal Eyeshadow stuff you can get your brush wet then touch the eyeshadow with it and it makes it more metallic i use a light brown on the first part of the eye then on the crease i put a darker brown and above that i put a light shimmery vanilla color all the way up to my Eyebrow. Make sure they are all a metallic look then get that new Mascara by covergirl in the pink tube it works really well.

i hope i have helped because it works for me my eyes look phenomonal!!!
black eyeliner and mascara with a shimmery light brown or pale green eyeshadow.
I like dark brown wye liner and light brown and beigh eye shadows
black eyeliner or pea green, dark blue
On brown eyes, the prettiest eyeshadow is light purples, such as lilac or lavender, black/brown mascara and eyeliner too.
I sell Avon. For Big Brown Eyes the color scheme would be, Browns and Lavender this intensifies Brown eyes. Black mascara, and Blackest Black eyeliner. If you are interested in any products
it will stay the best eye liner for all types of eyes the black one but u nee to put a thin line for big eyes %26amp;as for the eye shadow depending more on ur skin color but always use colores that looks natural u may use a mixture of dark brown eye shadow all around eye at lid edges then a crystal biege on upper lid and at lidfold put a light brown %26amp;mix the 2 , dont forget alittle whit below eye brow
eye liner..god..only use black n brown...i luv to use black and only black..n it give me an intruiguing mysterious look..dnt ever use the ';color';..eye liners..they are ***** ugly..i tell my homegurls straight up..they look bad with them..only use black n brown..k
Light blue works well for me....
The best shadow for brown eyes is a color that contrasts with brown - like a blue or plum. Eyeliner could be brown or black, depending on your mood. I wouldn't recommend brown eyeshadow for brown eyes.
eyeliner, black, eyeshadow, gold, for you. i see many women in my line of work, and some are striking with their colors, that's why i think these colors are best for you.they stand out, yet seem natural.
For daytime you should use a dark brown eyeliner on the top lash line followed by natural eyeshadows to bring out the brown of your eyes. such as light pinks,golds, very earthy colors.

if your going out you should use a black eyeliner and dark brown eyeshadow.

What's a really good eye shadow color?

all the eyeshadows that i have just blend in with my skin, pinks, and browns, i don't want to use a blue or green, or black. I never really put on eyeliner, i just curl my lashes, put on some lip gloss, clean my face etc. So what company has good eyeshadow colors?What's a really good eye shadow color?
Mac has good eyeshadowsWhat's a really good eye shadow color?
peach color...natural looking pink...and gold
i think peach is good and try jordana
URBAN DECAY!!! is amazing and midnight cowboyrides again...

CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE youll freak out! i think

just ask one of their speaclists and you'll find the perfect color.

oh, and dont worry about the price. to be beautiful you gotta pay the dough, right? (:











no colours that stick out it is ugly=]
it depends on your skin tone

but i love Max
use like a light silver and white on top.. it looks reaaaally good !
I love wet and wild eyeshadow
All companys have good eyeshadow colors. But Bare Minerals have this shimer thing that you put around your eyes. Im not sure how to explain it but you can ask a paerson about it, research it , or even just read the directions. It looks so good though they have it in gold and silver! I use it all the time. Sometimes even my neice will wear it to school.
maybelline #80 - grey matters. you can get at wal mart, target, walgreens! should look pretty

What color shirts are NOT okay with blue eye shadow?

ummm...nothing really, if it goes well with your skin tone. your make up doesnt have to match your outfits, try golds and browns and cremes, and neutral color. they always look best on people.What color shirts are NOT okay with blue eye shadow?
Personally i would avoid blue eye shadow all together, it's extremely tacky and distasteful. Although, there are the few people that it works for, who knows. Maybe you're one of them. If you decide to wear blue eye shadow, do not worry about whether it will clash with what you're wearing. You should never, ever try to match your make up with your clothes. Wear whatever. No one will notice any clashing.What color shirts are NOT okay with blue eye shadow?
NEVER wear blue eyeshadoww.

it reminds people of a little girl playing in her mommys makeuup.

blue is a neveerr, always!
no red,since it gets washed out,unless the blue is a light frosty sahdow.
it doesnt really matter. but not like mustard yellow, or lime green or something like that!



Where would be the best place to buy eye shadow/eyeliner?

there are only two colors I want for eyeshadow are:



I have looked EVERYWHERE for red eyeshadow, especially, but I have never found any in the u.s

I also want eyeliner in any and every color

I really like Wet 'N Wild, but they stopped selling it where I usually get it

oh, and I need CHEAP CHEAP places. Nothing fancy where a tiny tray of eye shadow is $50Where would be the best place to buy eye shadow/eyeliner?
Mac eye shadows are pigments. They are seriously the best eye shadows out there. This brand is widely used for a reason. Here is a link to their red pigment eyeshadow. They have different hues of red so you might want to browse around their website. I could not find it online but i visit the story very often and they have it - here it is鈥?/a>

Loreal Paris also has high pigmented eyeshadows. -鈥?/a>

Where did you buy your makeup from? If you can't find what you're looking in the stores. I would shop online, but make sure it is a legit website.

Where would be the best place to buy eye shadow/eyeliner?
well sorry to tell you but the only place i have seen red eyeshadow is at a place like sephora and mac, and i know that they are really expensive. And for eyeliner i would just go to a drugstore and get even the cheapest brand. (thats what i do) and it usually is just the same as somewhere expensive. Good luck and i hope you find your red eyeshadow!
i got the perfect solution for you..;category_id=122;_trksid=m38%26amp;_nkw=wales+palette;_sacat=0%26amp;_fromfsb=%26amp;_trksid=m270.l1313%26amp;_odkw=wales+palette%26amp;_osacat=0

all these eyeshadows are highly pigmented and you definately get more bang for your buck! I personally would get the 120 eyeshadow palette because if you go on youtube, many people use that palette in their makeup tutorials. they also use the 88-color palette from coastal scents!

also, check this out
i believe shiseido has red eye shadow. if not red, something similar.

i dont know what u want it for but it's not a practical shade. however it exists. if shiseido doesn't carry it, try nars. they also got crazy colors sometimes.

it shouldn't be that expensive .. no more than 20 bucks at the most. you're looking for a wierd color. cheap cheap places tend to stick to the most marketable and popular colors. red isn't one of em.

as for eyeliner, you won't find much beyond 5 or so variations.
Ok well, the thing is for variety and quality you often have to pay a big price, butttt theres always clearance. I would suggest, check the clearance right when it goes on, because the prices are greatttt. Its like better than drugstore prices for high end makeup.

And you can always try walmart, they have a good variety, even kmart. But for red may be able to find it there, but i really suggest just like googling red eyeshadow.
I've been into make up for years and have never seen a red shadow - however, has a sassy red cheek color that some wear as shadow - you might try that. Also, the naturale shadow quad has a really dark (nearly black) shadow in it.
I reccomend M.A.C makeup.

they havee every cosmetic thing youu can think of

and every color you can think of.

it may be a slight costly a bit, but M.A.C by far is the best eye shadow out there, and it is worth it
I love Ulta eyeshadow. It lasts all day and is so inexpensive.
MAC has red, but its $20. but its worth it

and black.. ive seen at the dollar store

so give it a shot
i think walmart would be your best place to get something cheaper
try walmart or target!

What is your favorite eye shadow from cover girl?

mine is swiss chocolateWhat is your favorite eye shadow from cover girl?
tropical fusionWhat is your favorite eye shadow from cover girl?
Black Onyx and swiss chocolate

What's a good eye shadow for brown coloreded girls?

I never know what color to wearWhat's a good eye shadow for brown coloreded girls?
Selin, I wear shadows that accent the color(s) in my clothing; has a great selection of colorsWhat's a good eye shadow for brown coloreded girls?
i am glad i am a brown coloured girl gold looks ultra cool on me.
gold and green. works for me!
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Silver or gold would look ultra-cool.
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  • Where can I buy a brand of eye shadow named ';sephora';?

    Sephora is the name of the store, baby. So go to your mall and see if you can find one there. If not, check out sephora online: www.sephora.comWhere can I buy a brand of eye shadow named ';sephora';?
    @ angelz!Where can I buy a brand of eye shadow named ';sephora';?
    well i think that since the brand is sephora then their must be a sephore store which their is and so u can go their and buy it they have good make up its the best or u can buy it online :~)
    at a sephora makeup store, or online

    or go to, makeup, eyes, that'll get you there. it's great store, but limited locations
    There is a store names sephora its in malls and I am sure you can find it on line. If not try the mac stores.
    jcpenny or sephora
    At or at sephora stores!
    Sephora store or .com
    The store sephora,, or
    At Sephora. It's a cosmetics store.
    At your mall. In the mall I go to there is JCPenney and inside is the store Sephora. Or you can shop online at
    well sephora eye shadow is available in almost every state so it is probably available at a make-up counter in a mall near you

    hope it help have a great day
    You can only buy it at the Sephora stores or at You can check store locations on the site, I don't know where you are located. Great eyeshadow.
    The easiest way would be online at, but you can also try Amazon.

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